Frequently Asked Questions

How can I guarantee my building will be installed correctly?

We guarantee the correct installation of your building through our experienced and professional installation teams. With detailed step-by-step guides, accessible customer support, and a commitment to quality assurance, we ensure that your metal building is installed accurately and meets the highest standards.

What gauge of metal do you use?

Our buildings are exclusively crafted from high-quality metal, ensuring durability, longevity, and structural integrity for our customers. We provide a choice of steel gauges to suit your specific requirements, offering both 14 Gauge and 12 Gauge Steel tubing, as well as durable 29 Gauge sheet metal for all of our buildings.

How long does it take to install my building?

Typically, our efficient installation process allows for the completion of your building within one day. For larger projects, we allocate additional time, extending the installation to two days. Rest assured, our skilled teams work diligently to ensure a prompt and precise setup, regardless of the project scale. Commercial projects may take longer depending on size.

What can I do to prepare for delivery?

To ensure a smooth delivery process, please clear the designated install site of any debris. Make sure the area is easily accessible for our delivery crew and provides ample space for unloading. Additionally, ensure the job site meets our Ground Level Disclaimer that's included in your order form and to mark all underground utilities.

Do your buildings come with engineering plans?

Yes, our buildings come complete with generic engineering plans. These plans are designed to meet industry standards, providing you with the necessary documentation for permitting and ensuring the structural integrity of your building. Specific engineered plans to cover specific specs are offered for an additional cost.

Does my land need to be level for installation?

It is crucial that your ground be within 3-4 inches level before your unit can be installed. We recommend you get it professionally done. If this or any of the following criteria are not met, our Installer's will not be able to install your building. Please contact one of our Customer Service Agents if you have any questions.

Can you install a structure on a raised wall?

Yes, we can install structures on a raised wall. Our experienced installation teams are equipped to accommodate various site conditions, and we can work with you to ensure a seamless installation on raised walls, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your project. There may be additional costs involved.

Can my new building be installed beside my home?

Yes, your new building can be installed beside your home, but it requires a clearance of 3-4 feet around the unit being installed. Additionally, to ensure safety, we recommend a minimum distance of at least 10 feet from any overhead power lines during the installation process.

How is my building going to be delivered?

Our install crew will arrive in a Truck and Trailer (55-60 ft in Length) to bring your building to the job site. Please ensure you have room for them to reach the job site, unload and turn around their truck & trailer. Please make scheduling aware of any obstacles that may be of concern that would hinder their process, such as a steep hill or sharp curve they will have to attempt to climb or work around.

Will my building meet local code requirements?

Yes, our buildings are designed to meet or exceed local code requirements. We prioritize compliance with building standards, and our structures are crafted with precision to ensure they adhere to the necessary regulations in your area, providing you with a secure and code-compliant solution. Please give your code requirements to your salesperson prior to placing your order incase additional engineering is required to meet your specific local code requirements.

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